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جوہانسبرگ ۔ طوفان باد و باراں۔ ایک شخص ہلاک 4 زخمی

Johannesburg – The severe weather conditions that hit Gauteng on Monday afternoon have left one person dead and four more injured, paramedics confirmed. 

The thunderstorms hit numerous parts of the province, upending roofs, damaging malls and resulting in a fire at a substation in Ekurhuleni. 

Netcare paramedics confirmed that the severe storms had left one person dead and two others injured in the West Rand. 

“We can confirm that paramedics attended to a scene on Hillside road in Krugersdorp where a structure collapsed.

“Paramedics attended to three people on the scene and found that one person had died.”

The remaining patients were then taken to the nearest hospital for further treatment. 

ER24 meanwhile, said two people were left injured after a ceiling collapsed in a shop at a mall in the Krugersdorp area.

“ER24 paramedics, along with Life Healthcare and other services, arrived on the scene where they found that some of the external structure of the mall had collapsed. Once inside the shops, paramedics found that some of the ceiling had collapsed on the patrons,” spokesperson Russel Meiring said. 

“Two people were assessed by paramedics and found to have sustained minor to moderate injuries. Fortunately, no serious or fatal injuries were found on the scene.”

Meiring confirmed that the area was then evacuated while the injured patients were transported to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

In Ekurhuleni meanwhile, severe weather conditions resulted in an electrical substation catching, Ekurhuleni Disaster Emergency Management Services (DEMS) confirmed.

“We can confirm that an electrical substation caught fire in Boksburg, Jet Park. This might be as a result of the severe weather conditions we experienced earlier on,” spokesperson William Ntladi said.

No casualties have been reported. 

Ntladi added that resources had been dispatched to the affected area, adding that firefighters were currently busy with putting out the fire. 

Another area affected by the earlier storm was the Gillooly’s Interchange, which had to be closed due to flooding. 

“There was flooding at the interchange, our emergency services were on-site and had to stop all vehicles and open up only one lane to allow traffic to flow. 

“Right now, however, as we speak everything has subsided and all three lanes have since been reopened. Traffic is flowing.”

Monday’s severe weather caused extensive damage across the province, with damage reported in Sandton, Diepsloot and Alexandra. 

Courtesy: iol.co.za 


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