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جوہانسبرگ – پولیس کا جرائم پیشہ افراد کے خلاف آپریشن۔ ویک اینڈ پر 900 سے زیادہ افراد گرفتار۔ 20 ٹیکسیوں کو بھی تحویل میں لیا گیا

More than 900 arrested, 20 taxis impounded in Gauteng at the weekend

Police operations in Gauteng at the weekend led to the arrest of over 900 suspects for a variety of crimes.

In addition, 20 taxis were impounded, police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela said in a statement.

“Crime-prevention and combating interventions by police in Gauteng are gaining momentum as intelligence-driven operations, stop-and-search operations, and other routine policing activations become the order of the day in the province.

“The latest arrest of over 900 suspects; and the impounding of taxis that are noncompliant with road legislation, can be attributed to valuable information provided by the community to the police, as police continue to stamp the authority of the state,” Makhubela said.

In one incident this past weekend, police responded to information of a cellphone shop robbery around Parkview Mall.

The robbers were pointed out while driving a white Kia Rio that sped away, leading to a chase that saw police intercepting the suspects in Berea when the suspects’ vehicle allegedly hit a pole and came to a standstill.

Three suspects, one of them armed, fled, while two were trapped inside the vehicle and later certified dead by paramedics.

The circumstances surrounding the death of the two suspects are yet to be confirmed.

In a separate incident in Kliptown, police were stopped by a man who was hijacked in Randfontein and dropped off after two days.

Police followed up on information and recovered the hijacked vehicle during routine patrols in Jabavu, Soweto. One suspect was arrested.

“The suspects arrested this past weekend for crimes including murder, rape, robbery, hijackings, possession of unlicensed firearms, dealing in drugs, possession of stolen motor vehicles, theft, and drinking-and-driving, were arrested in various parts of Gauteng, including Tembisa, Hillbrow, Johannesburg Central, Meadowlands, Randfontein and other areas.

“All suspects will be appearing in the various magistrate’s courts in Gauteng soon,” Makhubela said.

Courtesy : News24

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