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جوہانسبرگ ۔ نشہ میں دُھت ڈرائیور نے روڈ بلاک پر گاڑی پولیس والوں پر چڑھا دی۔ 2 آفیسر ہلاک

Johannesburg – Two female Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) officers were killed when a drunk driver drove into them, causing a multiple vehicle crash at a roadside checkpoint on Witkoppen Road, in Fourways, Johannesburg, on Monday evening.

The driver was arrested and taken to Sandton police station, after blood samples were taken. The two officers were declared dead at the scene by Netcare 911

Two passengers and a driver in a separate car were seriously injured when the driver of the Toyota Hilux double cab bakkie drove into a group of officers, as well as a Hyundai.

Two other female officers, as well as the drivers of a BMW and Porsche – which had been stopped by the officers – were slightly injured.

At a loss for words

“Three passengers from a stationary vehicle were rescued by the fire department and assessed on scene, one passenger sustained severe injuries and the rest minor to moderate injuries.

“Reports from the scene indicate that a vehicle crashed into parked vehicles at the roadblock, killing two officers and injuring passengers,” Netcare 911 said in a statement.

JMPD chief David Tembe said he was at a loss for words over the deaths of the officers.


“I don’t know what to say anymore when we have to [lose] our own while serving the community, and while we are trying so hard to stop drunken driving and to reduce fatalities… But we will continue to perform our duty and to serve our community,” he said in a statement.

Investigations continue.

Courtesy: News24



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