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‘I still text my husband, Senzo’ – Slain SA captain talks to wife through dreams


THE late Bafana Bafana captain, Senzo Meyiwa is no longer numbered among the living, yet he is still in touch with his wife, Mandisa Mkhize.

Mkhize believes Meyiwa communicates with her through dreams while she, on the other hand, sends WhatsApp messages to his cellphone, according to Mkhize.

But experts have warned, though, that she might be in denial (see sidebar on the rght) after Meyiwa was murdered in October at his singer girlfriend Kelly Khumalo’s home in Vosloorus, on the East Rand.

Mkhize told Sowetan, saying she has dreams about Meyiwa.

“When I feel I need to share something . I send him a WhatsApp message. I also send him videos of my daughter whenever she does something silly. I think I sent him one yesterday.”

Meyiwa loved the Nigerian comedian Mr Ibo, Mkhize said, therefore she also sends him WhatsApp messages about his jokes.

Mkhize said she started doing this in December. Asked why she had gone to such lengths, she says: “I just feel that he needs to know exactly what is happening.”

She also speaks out aloud to him. Mkhize says while he was alive, Meyiwa would make fun of her when she erred during their prayer sessions.

“Recently I made a mistake while praying. I laughed and said ‘I know you are laughing at me’.”

It still hasn’t sunk into Mkhize’s head that Meyiwa is dead.

“I was telling my brother that it’s like he is still going to come back. I think maybe he will say ‘It was just a joke, I am back’.

” I don’t know, maybe it is because I don’t want to believe that he is dead.”

Mkhize said she still has flashbacks of Meyiwa’s lifeless body in hospital on October 26.

On the day of his murder, Senzo was supposed to join her at a party as he needed to “explain lots of things to her”.

Instead, she received a phone call that he had been shot. On arrival at the hospital, she said, there was commotion as a lot of soccer players were there crying.

A reliable source said despite their public rivalry, Mkhize hugged Khumalo at the hospital and they both cried.

“We were all crying. I was holding this person that I don’t want to mention, saying ‘Everything is going to be fine’.”

Meyiwa and Mkhize’s six-year-old daughter, Luthando Meyiwa, believes that her late father, is in heaven and, as a result she assumes he controls the weather.

When the sun shines or when it rains, she believes it is due to her father’s divine powers.

“I always tell her that dad is in heaven, so she believes he controls the rain. I remember this one time it was raining and she said, ‘Are you for real dad, rain! It’s going to mess up my hair’,” Mkhize said.

Senzo had three children, Namhla, 10, with another woman; Luthando, and one-year-old Thingo with Khumalo.

“They [Namhla and Luthando] don’t know exactly what is going on. They saw his body at the funeral and I explained what was happening. I try to explain to them that they will never see daddy again, but it is so hard to make them understand.”

Mkhize says: “My daughter is a ‘special kid’. When she was born she had a stroke, and she needs to attend physio . she needs to be guided on everything.”

The right side of her body does not function properly, Mkhize says.

Meyiwa was supportive of his daughter and would also take her for physiotherapy sessions.

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